Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Word Cloud for My little One

Here's a word cloud I created using all the words that came to mind about my little one. I realize I forgot "willful" but I had to hurry as she was trying to shut the computer on me while I typed. I guess some "Mommy and Me time" is in order. So I better run, but you can create a word cloud based on your own little one at Wordle.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sew Cute

The adorable dress patterns available at Oliver + S may have provided the final inspiration I need to get my sewing machine fixed. I'm in love with the Birthday Party Dress and variations there of. You can see a bunch of versions on the Oliver + S flickr group. Pictured above is the dress pattern completed by Brooke Reynolds of Inchmark.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gone Fishing with More Good Wood

One thing I really like about this magnetic fishing set by Jae Keun Song is that no worms are hurt! I used to love fishing as a kid but never really got over having to use worms for our catch and release activities. My brother used to have to bait my line for me and come to think of it, remove the sunfish and catfish I'd reel in. Perhaps, I was never cut out for real fishing.

The set is available at the MoMAstore.

Good Wood by Miller Goodman

This gorgeous set of puzzle blocks prove wooden toys don't have to be boring and that great toys are ageless. I personally don't think wooden toys are boring in the first place and hate when people say they are. My nephew has outgrown plenty of his plastic toys but one thing he still plays with is a set of wooden blocks. I'm adding these beauties by Miller Goodman to my wish list for my daughter.

The photo above is a promotional photo for the blocks, but may be even more amazing are the images people have created with the blocks and posted on this flickr stream!