Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Snowy Day and King's Cake

My daughter woke me up today and announced it was snowing. This winter reminds me of the winters from my childhood which seemed longer and colder and just more wintry than those of recent years. I'm enjoying having snow on the ground for days and the fact that our snowman is still standing after almost a week (all though a little worse for the wear). Also, I love how different details stand out in a snow covered environment.

Tufted Titmice and Chickadees, which might go unseen by us in the summer, are putting on a show of aerial acrobatics outside our window as they jockey for position at the bird feeder. The branches of the trees are like large abstract line drawings against the sky and the deer are moving in tiny herds through the woods. Sometimes they are just tiny silhouettes in the distance and other moments they are suddenly up close peering out of the bushes with giant brown eyes. I'm trying to soak it all in and enjoy this deep winter. We ate King's Cake today to celebrate Mardi Gras which means spring is really just around the corner. Lent starts tomorrow and by the time it ends in forty six days we will be watching the daffodil bloom.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Small Blocks and Desktop Travel

These house shaped blocks from The Small Object made me think of one of my all time favorites places - Iceland. I would like to have them on my desk to play with and let my mind travel when I need a moment to escape. The Lines + Patterns Blocks tuck neatly away in a tiny tin box making it easy to store what ever worlds you conjure up when you need more room on your desk. It should be noted they are not intended for small children.

Photo of Reykjavik via Need Beer, Will Travel.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Snowman 2010

After shoveling a path out of the house today, I cleaned off the car and used the snow to build Snowman 2010. Despite having plenty of material to work with, I think he turned out a bit on the stubby side. The snow wasn't packing very well but I was determined. I think my persistence and frozen knees paid off. What he lacks in height he certainly makes up for in girth and personality. I even lent him my hat. My daughter was certainly pleased with him. I'm curious to see if he still has his carrot nose tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amigurumi Love Birds

Oh no! I looked in my email today and found yet another craft project to tempt me. I've been meaning to try and make an amigurumi creature for over two years now and have yet to get up the courage. I get as far as reading the first few lines of the instructions and give up. Something about crochet instructions always intimidates me. I wish I could find a one day class somewhere to get started. For those with no fear of crochet instructions there is a free pattern for these love birds on the Lion Brand Yarn website.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sore Throats and Bedtime Reading

My little one is just recovering from a couple of days of fever and sore throat. It was the first time she ever had a really bad sore throat and it was terrible to see her in pain and having difficulty swallowing. It was also the first time we made an emergency visit to the doctor's office. All that did was confirm she does not like the doctor's office and that trying to give an hysterical child a respiratory treatment is useless. I was somewhat relieved that the doctor did not think the situation was serious. So we headed home and managed with "cine" and "sona"and "book, book". That's Baby Tylenol, soda and bedtime reading in adult speak.

Now, that she's almost back to normal and has the energy to get in trouble, I am truly relieved. I was kicking myself that we never got the N1H1 vaccine and for not being a hand sanitizer junkie. So, when I caught her drawing with chalk on the wall behind her art easel, I just smiled and grabbed the spray cleaner. I also thought while I'm happy that she now wants to read a book at bedtime, that our nighttime reading and her new favorite book "No, David!" might be influencing her in undesirable ways!

Despite having blue chalk all over the wall, I have to highly recommend David Shannon's "No, David!". I think David looks a little scary with his sharp teeth but my daughter loves him and the book. Maybe it is because he does everything naughty imaginable and his mommy still loves him. Go figure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet as A Rose

These rose barrettes by Molly at Purl Bee would make a lovely Valentine's gift for all the sweet little and not so little girls I know. Unfortunately, the last thing I need is another craft project, especially since taking on The Babette Blanket. These pretty felt roses look a lot more doable than the blanket right now. I have miles to go on it!

I've downloaded the free PDF pattern for the barrettes, so who knows, maybe I'll break down and dig out the felt I know is in the closet and try one. It certainly couldn't take as long as the blanket.

Sore Throats and Legos

Our plans were derailed today by sore throats. We missed our swim class because of the frog in the little ones throat. Instead we are playing with a crazy assortment of inherited Mega Bloks and Lego Duplo Blocks. There are definitely some Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder pieces mixed in. We don't have the original boxes or all of the pieces so we are using our imaginations to create our own wild creations. I think we're doing just fine.