Monday, February 8, 2010

Sore Throats and Bedtime Reading

My little one is just recovering from a couple of days of fever and sore throat. It was the first time she ever had a really bad sore throat and it was terrible to see her in pain and having difficulty swallowing. It was also the first time we made an emergency visit to the doctor's office. All that did was confirm she does not like the doctor's office and that trying to give an hysterical child a respiratory treatment is useless. I was somewhat relieved that the doctor did not think the situation was serious. So we headed home and managed with "cine" and "sona"and "book, book". That's Baby Tylenol, soda and bedtime reading in adult speak.

Now, that she's almost back to normal and has the energy to get in trouble, I am truly relieved. I was kicking myself that we never got the N1H1 vaccine and for not being a hand sanitizer junkie. So, when I caught her drawing with chalk on the wall behind her art easel, I just smiled and grabbed the spray cleaner. I also thought while I'm happy that she now wants to read a book at bedtime, that our nighttime reading and her new favorite book "No, David!" might be influencing her in undesirable ways!

Despite having blue chalk all over the wall, I have to highly recommend David Shannon's "No, David!". I think David looks a little scary with his sharp teeth but my daughter loves him and the book. Maybe it is because he does everything naughty imaginable and his mommy still loves him. Go figure.


ep said...

I held off doing the h1n1 too, until the last time we were at the doc and I caved when the doc came in wearing a face mask (after she had gotten over bout of strep throat). I've become steadily more germ-phobic as she's gotten older, but I still really only use the hand sanitizer if we have been out shopping or somewhere and then decide we want to stop and eat somewhere or get a snack. It's more a "you should wash your hands before you eat" mania, when there's not a sink handy (and the Walmart restroom is pretty yucky.)

But your child being sick always stinks. I think we suffer doubly. We hurt that our child feels bad and then we have to suffer with their less-than-angelic demeanor when they're sick. My little angel is especially cranky when sick. In fact, I've learned that when she is being really bratty, to be alert for the oncoming illness...

jane said...

The worst thing about her being sick this time was that she didn't even have the energy to be bad. I was scared she had strep but luckily not. I'm sure next flu season I'll opt for the H1N1 shot for both of us. They were out of it when we went for our doctor's visits.

Speaking of Walmart after the initial shortage of the vaccine I saw them offering it at Walmart of all places. And yes Walmart's bathrooms are yucky which I know because I have lifted my self imposed ban from shopping there.

Finally, I'm really leery about using hand sanitizers. Maybe because I grew up in a medical family I'm am not all that germ-phobic. Yes, I sometimes get grossed out when I'm on a subway and think god knows who's just been sitting here but our immune systems are supposed to get a little exercise.

ep said...

For me it's just the food connection. Maybe because I've always had tummy issues, I'm more leery of introducing gross bacteria to the food I'm eating. I get dry skin, especially on my hands, so I try not to use them much, as it really makes the skin on my hands all dry and cracked.