Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Snowman 2010

After shoveling a path out of the house today, I cleaned off the car and used the snow to build Snowman 2010. Despite having plenty of material to work with, I think he turned out a bit on the stubby side. The snow wasn't packing very well but I was determined. I think my persistence and frozen knees paid off. What he lacks in height he certainly makes up for in girth and personality. I even lent him my hat. My daughter was certainly pleased with him. I'm curious to see if he still has his carrot nose tomorrow.


ep said...

He's great - but his arms seem to say to me, "Help me up, please!" Or maybe it's a kid snowman saying, "Pick me up!"

jane said...

My mom thought he looked like he was reclining and needing to be picked up too. He was made for my little one so the "Pick me up!" connection is appropriate. It's certainly one of her favorite lines.

It was difficult to make actual large snow balls so I had to build a kind of squat flat base and sculpt his shape. Definitely not proper snowman building technique. I think he looks like a snow jello mold or a Devo hat circa 1982.