Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have begun our gardening for the year. We started by planting some seeds for our sunflower garden. We still have another little green house to fill. Our sunflowers were so beautiful last year that I want to double their number this summer.

As we were working on this project together yesterday, I was struck by how much my little one has grown in the past year. Last year I did all the planting by myself and she helped with watering and making mud puddles. This year I have a full blown helper. She helped poke the holes for the seeds and put all the seeds in the soil. And who knows maybe she will really mow the lawn one day. Oh how our children grow.


ep said...

They grow (too) so fast!

In the middle photo she is planning the garden - future landscape architect?

jane said...

Maybe she will a landscape architect. I personally would love that job! I think in the last photo she seems to be directing traffic. Maybe a cop. That I would not like. I'd have to worry all the time.