Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Little Helper

I'm so proud of my little one, for many reasons, but what stood out today is what a good little helper she is. She helps me when I empty the dishwasher, she helps me when I clean and when I cook. She can assemble the dinner salads by herself. She helps dry the lettuce in the spinner and then divies up the ingedients I give her. Sometimes the salads are a little uneven but extra delicious because of the love that goes in to them.

Today she out did herself and helped me mulch the garden. I was filling a big bucket and she wanted to help carry it. The bucket was practically as big as she is, so I gave her a little plastic pot to fill. She went back and forth from the mulch pile to the garden beds as many times as I did. Finally she got tired and retired to the porch for some ice tea with Grandma. Despite the over-sized hat she insisted on wearing, she was red from the heat and covered with dust from the mulch. It broke our hearts. After a nice cooling shower we went out for ice cream. A little reward for a very good girl.

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