Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Perfect Little Skirt

Yesterday was my birthday so it seems perfectly logical that I ended up buying a gift for my daughter, right? Well, I couldn't resist when I saw this vintage looking watercolor skirt at Janie and Jack. (The barrettes also proved irresistible.) I was at the local mall for the sole purpose of exchanging a too small outfit for my niece at Justice and had every intention of just getting in and out as fast as possible. Justice is the kind of store that makes me glad I am the mother of an 17 month old and not a nine year old!

So, when I saw the Janie and Jack store, I happily strayed. I was introduced to the brand by my friend Caryn who bought my daughter a gorgeous coat and beret for her birthday. The quality of everything from the design, to the construction, to the wrapping is lovely. And no logos spelled out in rhinestones. How refreshing!

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