Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Life Skills For Your Toddler

Sick of friends bragging about their precocious offspring's foreign language abilities or advanced yoga training? (Guilty yourself?) How about fighting back with some real life skills. Lisa Brown's hysterical Baby Be Useful series includes titles that will have your little one making your breakfast, cleaning the car, doing your banking, and best of all mixing your cocktails! So next time someone brags "My toddler can speak French, Spanish and Mandarin", simply respond, "Great, but can he mix a dirty martini?"

The series is published by McSweeney's and available at The McSweeney's Store and Candy Store Collective.

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ep said...

Must haves! I should have read these before having her party last weekend - maybe I could have got all the kids to at least wash the car (if not go on a beer run!)