Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning to Love Bob Bob

Bob Bob or Spongebob as he is known to most of the world somehow has gotten a hold of my two year old's heart. I am not even sure how this happened. It may have been the kids meal toys I collected for her cousin. I ate all the trans fat, he ended up with a full collection of the Spongebob crew. Truthfully, I bought most of them without having to eat the miniature hamburger and fries and of course my little one got some of the toys too. The toys are cute, but I never thought they would lead her into a life of "Bob Bob".

It's not that I don't like Spongebob. I think it is a creative show, however certainly not the educational program of any two year old's parents dreams. Granted she still loves Dora and Elmo (whose name she pronounces "Mono!") Yes, her pronunciation includes the exclamation mark. I think that is a good sign. The fact that she asks, no demands, I draw "Bob Bob" for her may not be. She loves Dora but has never asked me to draw her. What is it about "Bob Bob"?

This new stage may just be remembered as the "Bob Bob Phase". It's symptoms include:
Whining instead of asking
Demanding attention
Hating it when mommy pays attention to anything other than me
Grabbing things out of mommy's hands
Pulling mommy towards what I want
Frustration and mini temper tantrums when things don't go in just the right order
And new favorite phrases "I try, I try" and "I try, I can't, I try."

Luckily it also includes a lot of good stuff like:
Sitting and reading books all by myself
Trying to count (Favorite number - two)
Helping mommy with chores.

As frustrating as the terrible twos are, being a parent still just keeps getting better. It breaks my heart when she helps me empty the dishwasher or tries to set the table. Today I was down scrubbing the floor and she got wipes from under the sink and started to help me. That's when I realize her nine year old cousin is probably right when she says "I think B is going to grow up to be a very sweet little girl". She already is. The baby is not a baby anymore, she's a little girl. All sugar and spice and everything nice with a couple of puppy dog tails thrown in.


Chris said...

Sounds like you are entering a pretty normal phase here. I fondly remember the same kind of thing with my girls ... they would try to help and it's SO cute.

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ep said...

She's great and in a few years she will giggle in disbelief when you tell her that she used to say his name as Bob Bob. My little one still is thrilled to hear that she used to call bananas "na-nas" and Dr. Smith "Mish."