Friday, March 12, 2010

123 We Love Our Numbers

My two and a half year old is suddenly very into numbers and gets excited whenever or where ever she sees them. The other day we ended up taking multiple tickets at the deli counter because of course they have numbers on them. She made me take all of the returned tickets from a little bin where you can put your number after it's been called. So we happily headed off with our cold cuts and a whole bunch of numbers. She loves her numbers and I love this origami number project by Kristen Sutcliffe and want to make a version for my daughter.

You can get how to info on how to make your own framed numbers here and find full instructions on how to fold the numbers at the Origami Club website. Origami Club is such a fun site and has easy to understand instructions. There also animations to help clarify the diagrams and lots of categories including numbers, letters, classic origami patterns and holiday related patterns. I've already tried folding a couple of the numbers and my daughter really loved them.

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