Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creature Love

These creatures from Donna Wilson just make me happy. It would be hard not to smile more and have lots of fun with these guys around. I want the whole lot of them. You can see more of Donna's wonderful creatures here.


ep said...

These are so great. i wanted to say that the snail was my favorite - but then the cat, etc., etc.

ep said...

p.s. the fox scarf !!!

jane said...

Wow, thanks for pointing out the fox scarf. It reminds me of the fox (real) stoles from way back. I just happen to be old enough to have had a grandmother who had one. I inherited it as a kid. I loved it. iI had glass eyes and bit it's own tail when you put it on. I think the moths got it. Just as well I guess, it would be super politically incorrect these days.