Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bunny Needs to Get Her Act Together

I should be using this rainy day to get my Easter Bunny act together and dye some eggs and assemble the little one's basket. I've already made a little basket of flowers for our Easter table (top two photos) which just needs an egg or two as the finishing touch.

Unfortunately, the idea of blowing out a dozen eggs right now has zero appeal. Said little one shows no sign of napping yet and I want her basket to be a surprise. It's amazing how hard it is to get anything past a two and half year old.

The beautiful red and white eggs in the bottom photo are from Hungary. I'm hoping they will inspire me to rally and take on those eggs later this afternoon. Now I'm thinking a rainy day nap may be in order.


ep said...

I love the basket! The eggs don't have to be pysanky masterpieces. How about one of those Paas kits from CVS? Spread out a tone of newspaper and she can help dip them, too (after you all wake up from your naps.)

jane said...

We are definitely going to use a Paas kit! I'm sure food coloring is better but I always loved those kits as a kid. I actually have one I didn't get to use last year waiting in the cabinet. I think tomorrow will find us dying Easter Eggs. I'm sure it will be extra messy with the little one helping.