Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Je T'aime Brooklyn

Yes, I love Brooklyn, French, sweat shirts, shopping and my little one. So buying this cute little top from Atsuyo et Akiko should be a no-brainer. (Damn this recession!) I spotted it at Sweet William, a super sweet kids store in Williamsburg, just before Christmas. Sweet William has a great selection of mostly organic clothing made by designers who use ethical manufacturing standards. That's the good news. The bad, the prices are as the French would say "une peu cher".

I did end up buying an adorable hat by Entertaining Elephants. The hat proved irresistible because it had little ears and tied under the chin. Now she looks too cute for words and can't rip her hat off two seconds after I put it on! I conveniently justified the expense thinking it would keep her own little ears warm. When I'm feeling a bit more flush maybe I can justify the sweat shirt on the grounds she'll learn French.

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