Tuesday, January 27, 2009

V is for Vintage Valentines

I've been looking for some sweet Valentines Day cards to send to friends from me and my daughter and am horrified at the selection in stores. Who thinks Hannah Montana and Spiderman are appropriate symbols for a holiday that centers around the expression of love and friendship? Argh! I miss the cute and yes corny cards from my childhood.

If you prefer vintage cards too, here's a couple of links you'll enjoy.

Add a Vintage Valentine to your web page with cut and paste code from Zwani.

Take a walk down memory lane with the great sampling of vintage cards at 7deadlysinners.

I found the cards above via Curly Wurly.


ep said...

That turnip one looks familiar...

I love the links page and will definitely be posting one of those.

I too hate all the 'marketed to kids' stuff, especially that little Disney bajillionaire. We are making homemade Valentines this year, which you both will be able to do when she gets a little older and starts to scribble with intent.

I bought some cool stickers to decorate her Valentines, so she didn't feel like she was missing out when we didn't buy the pre-fab cards.

jane said...

I love the idea of homemade cards. It's definitely a future project for us. Scribbling has begun but what the intent is anyone knows!

Everything for kids is so computerized or packaged now. I really want my little one to know what it means to make something. Yes, I want an artist!

Michelle said...

Oh look on ebay for sure and Etsy!!!

jane said...

Good idea! Thanks Michelle. Although I'm afraid it could turn into another collection!